Newsletter | July 7, 2020

07.07.20 -- 3 Steps To Creating A Successful Online Salesforce

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Report: Tools And Tech Driving Value In Customer Service

The abrupt and shocking changes to the retail landscape driven by the coronavirus pandemic have brought this issue into even sharper relief, as millions of consumers increasingly rely on virtual channels of service to meet their needs. In this environment, taking a step back to assess where the industry stands and where it is headed is a valuable step in planning for a future of increasing challenges and opportunities.

New Products For New Times: APG’s Guardiant Shields

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both consumers and businesses to rethink their activities and priorities. As restrictions that temporarily halted eat-in restaurant and in-store sales start to ease, many consumers are weighing the benefits against the risks of resuming their patronage of these businesses.

History Offers Key Lesson For Post-Pandemic Business Recovery

When crises arise, having systems and standards in place to guide your organization provides stability and creates individual and corporate peace of mind. Utilizing international systems and standards provide a way to make practices safer and create products and processes that are easier to use, ultimately providing support as businesses recover, rebuild, and work to insulate themselves from future disruptions.

3 Steps To Creating A Successful Online Salesforce

Today, almost everything you need is at the click of a button, giving consumers little reason to leave their homes. As such, the surge in online shopping is no surprise to anyone. So, how are online retailers working to keep up with the demand?

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