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08.24.19 -- 3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Company Before A Potential Amazon Breakup

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Agents Or Automation: Here’s What Your Customers Told Us
Article | Radial

Customer service has become a key component of the overall customer journey and, more critically, customer lifetime value. Therefore, retailers need to invest in service options to provide choice and convenience to customers.

Collective Buying Power: Matching People To Product And Product To People
Guest Column | By Angela Myers, Market America | SHOP.COM

One of the worst feelings in the world is to launch a new product that no one buys. Developing and promoting products can take hours of hard work and innovation, so you want to ensure that your product launches excite customers enough to purchase. Traditionally, companies launch a product and sell it to as many customers as possible. But what if the next time you launched a product, people were sold on it even before the release?

3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Company Before A Potential Amazon Breakup
  Guest Column | By Fang Cheng, Linc Global

Businesses looking to carve out a niche for themselves might have some of the work done for them if the government chooses to break up Amazon. The question will be figuring out how to fill the vacuum the e-commerce leviathan leaves behind.

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QR Codes Are The Way Forward For Mobile Payments
Guest Column | By Ryan Zheng, RiverPay

While cards have been the ideal candidate to completely eclipse and surpass cash as the dominant form of payment in the U.S. for years, a challenger has finally arrived to dethrone it.