Newsletter | November 5, 2019

11.05.19 -- 4 Ways E-Commerce Companies Can Improve Customer Service

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Retailers Identify Keys To Successful Retail Delivery
White Paper | Radial

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving. As a result, retail delivery professionals are adopting technologies and best practices that support a seamless, streamlined experience at every customer touchpoint in the supply chain.

Customer Expectations Are High This Holiday Season: How Can Retailers Excel?
Guest Column | By Erik Morton, CommerceHub

With e-commerce sales expected to reach between $144 billion to $149 billion this holiday season, retailers who are able to create a seamless, convenient experience for customers have the upper hand.

4 Ways E-Commerce Companies Can Improve Customer Service
  Guest Column | By Angela Myers, Market America | SHOP.COM

If a company wants happy, returning customers, it has to provide quick and helpful customer service and deliver customers’ online orders in a reasonable amount of time.

In Case You Missed It
The Rise Of Voice-Enabled Commerce In Ubiquitous Retail
Guest Column | By Kevin Connor, Retail Pro International

Shopping is an increasingly “invisible” activity, embedding itself seamlessly into new digital and physical channels, using ever-more natural gestures and simple conversations.

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