Newsletter | June 2, 2020

06.02.20 -- 7 Password Best Practices For Retailers

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Delivering Reliable Product Information When Consumers Need It Most

The shift to online shopping has rapidly accelerated; supply chains have been stretched and disrupted. More than ever, brands need to do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Best Way For E-Commerce Businesses To Sustain During Times Of Uncertainty

A lot has evolved in the past month, as the situation of COVID-19 is changing daily. With that has come new implementations that businesses are having to continuously enforce to ensure they are not endangering the wellbeing of their employees, as well as the general public. 

Digital Transformation: 5 Ways Small Retailers Can Generate Big Outcomes

In recent decades, digital transformation has changed the way we shop, revolutionizing how we find and purchase all types of goods and services. As a result, today’s consumers now expect frictionless experiences whenever and wherever they shop.

7 Password Best Practices For Retailers

No one likes to use passwords, but they are critical to securing access to systems with valuable business data. Retailers, like any other business, should require passwords as part of their security policies to protect POS systems, backroom applications, customer databases, and any other business system.

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