Newsletter | May 19, 2020

05.19.20 -- 8 Things To Know About Firewall Configuration

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“Who Are The New Solutions Providers?” And More From RSPA Inspire 2020

One question hanging over our channel has been “Who are the new solutions providers” that will backfill for retail IT resellers who are retiring, merging, or selling? The answer to that question could be found in the Inspire audience—the new faces that are engaging with the retail IT channel.

The Evolving Role Of The E-Commerce Merchandiser

Without the right technology, the role of the merchandiser becomes much more difficult and inefficient as it requires the need for constant adjustments and manual analysis. In today’s retail environment, organizations must consider additional resources to help their merchandiser succeed.

8 Things To Know About Firewall Configuration

Cyberattacks often target retailers because retailers process a lot of personal data from payment cards that can be used for identity theft, fraud, and other nefarious purposes. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers to maintain a strong security posture, and a big part of that is to properly configure your firewalls.

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