White Paper

A Collaborative Supply Chain Makes Omnichannel Success Possible

Source: Radial
Collaborative Supply Chain

Today’s ‘anytime, anywhere’ shoppers have big expectations for retailers, and they had better keep up or be prepared to lose a sale, or even a customer for life. This demand for service has created an urgency which retailers must meet, and it begins with the supply chain.

To meet customer expectations, retailers must be able to fulfill orders at breakneck speed regardless of where and when they are placed.

Download this RIS News Roadmap report from Radial to learn how to break down the barriers to achieving a collaborative supply chain, such as:

  • RFID technology to achieve 100% inventory visibility
  • The unification of traditionally siloed technologies
  • Managing the complexities of adding in third-party suppliers
  • Building a unified enterprise with real-time inventory visibility to reduce out-of-stocks and manage over-stocks