Newsletter | October 6, 2020

10.06.20 -- A Long Recovery: Restaurants Coping With The Impact COVID-19

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Looking To Bounce Back After COVID-19: How AI Data Analytics Can Help

Up until recently, most efforts with AI in retail fell under the umbrella of “optimization.” For the online shopping experience, AI-powered tools provide retailers with product recommendations to show customers to increase sales, or the system offers a different UI for different customers. These are all perfectly fine usages that can boost sales and profits, but they are not doing much on the customer experience side, especially with the “new normal” for retail and e-commerce.

The Path To Customer Loyalty Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Boosting c-store brand affinity through a loyalty program is more than just providing your customer with an "earn and burn" experience. If your goal is to retain customers while increasing your bottom line, the long play is necessary. In today's highly competitive marketplace, c-store operators are constantly battling to get bodies through their doors—and not just once. In a recent global study, 16 percent of U.S.-based c-store retailers cited retention being their biggest challenge.

A Long Recovery: Restaurants Coping With The Impact COVID-19

Restaurants are reopening in states that were hit hard with COVID-19 restrictions. Social-distancing policies are not allowing restaurants to return to pre-pandemic operation levels, in most cases they are being forced to function at no more than 50 percent capacity.

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