White Paper

A No-Surprises Operations Budget For The Retail DC?

Source: OPEX Corporation
Retail Distribution Center Management

The modern era of omnichannel retailing delivered the death knell to your father’s retail distribution center. Too complex for the lift-truck-and-box-shuffle of yesteryear, today’s omnichannel retail environment demands sophisticated automation to meet the customer’s speed-and accuracy-of-fulfillment expectations.

The automated material handling systems that facilitate the intricacies of today’s DCs and fulfillment centers are complex infrastructures, comprised of robotically-aided, software-driven, efficiency-enabling technology that simply didn’t exist a decade ago.

Though their necessity is obvious and their payback significant, the price tag hanging on modern automated material handling systems is often hefty, and their ongoing cost of operation very difficult to predict. a handyman with a toolbox, after all, can’t maintain the integration of sophisticated software and cutting-edge robotic technology.

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