White Paper

A Retailer's Guide To Omnichannel Customer Care

Source: Radial
Omnichannel Customer Care

Delivering exceptional customer care in a world where most consumers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when they contact customer service isn’t easy. Consumers want a seamless experience when they need support, and they are quick to both reward and punish retailers based on their performance. In fact:

  • 91% of consumers expect to effortlessly pick up where they left off
  • Customers who have the best experiences spend 140% more
  • Shoppers are 4x more likely to switch brands after poor service
  • 60% abandon purchases due to poor service experience

To keep customers happy and coming back, retailers have to deliver the type of omnichannel support experiences they’re seeking. Our white paper, “A Retailer’s Guide to Omnichannel Customer Care,” provides you with valuable insights to do just that. We reveal everything you need to know to build customer loyalty, increase sales, and boost profits.

Download your copy of the white paper now to learn what customers really want from their support experiences and how to satisfy them, improve their loyalty, and more effectively grow your business.