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Avoid The Retail "Paparazzi"

Source: Reflexis Systems, Inc.
Avoid The Retail “Paparazzi”

What’s the best way to keep product and store operations gaffes out of the spotlight? Correct them before the flash bulbs start popping.

During the Oscars, Grammys, and other “red carpet” events, the paparazzi are always out in full force, searching for even the slightest flaws in what celebrities are wearing or doing to make a quick buck. Even when it isn’t award season, the paparazzi are constantly watching and waiting to trump up the next big scandal, hoping to make a name for them- selves by ruining someone else’s reputation.

Retailers face a similar problem. Every move is scrutinized, and if a mistake is made, it’s not the traditional paparazzi coming after you — it’s the retail equivalent: reporters, influencers, regulators, bloggers, and many others who constantly look for mistakes retailers make to write headlines for their audience.

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