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03.20.18 -- Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI

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Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI
Guest Column | By Jon Vivers, SHOP.COM

From Google to Facebook, personal advertising is triggered based upon recently viewed websites, read articles, shared posts, and purchased items. The e-commerce marketplace is no exception. With furthering dedication and focus toward customers, it will be fascinating to see what new technological advancements and changes occur for online retailers, bringing a more personal experience to online shopping.

Retail IT Insights
Is Retail Discounting Broken?
White Paper | By NetSuite

Amid price wars, promotional fatigue, and ever-decreasing margins, new research confirms retailers are selling an increasingly large proportion of inventory off at discounted prices. This is good news for consumers, who have become accustomed to searching out bargains during the likes of discount events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, this trend is having a negative impact on retail's bottom line.

Portable Printing On The Move
Case Study | By SATO America

Advancements in mobile computing and wireless communication technologies have made it easier than ever to untether the workforce from fixed workstations. Those same technological advancements have now given rise to a new class of portable printers that provide workers with a host of capabilities at the point of activity.

In Case You Missed It
How Charlotte Russe Slashed Costs And Streamlined Operations Across The Company
Case Study | By ServiceChannel

Under new leadership, the Charlotte Russe facilities management team initiated a project to identify ways to further expand the usage of the ServiceChannel platform the company had deployed years ago. Previous to this project, the company had been using ServiceChannel primarily as a work order management platform.

How Retailers Used Messaging To Win The Holiday Shopping Season
Guest Column | By Stefanos Loukakos, Messenger Business at Facebook

With people spending exponentially more time on mobile than at the mall, retailers hoping to get ahead in 2018 must consider messaging as an integral part of their mobile marketing strategy.

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