White Paper

Build Or Buy? The Hidden Challenges Of An In-House Fraud Team

Source: Radial
In-House Fraud Team

In a world where retailers are losing $77 million in revenue per day due to eCommerce fraud globally, you better have the right fraud prevention strategy in place if you expect to survive. But should you use a third-party fraud management solution or build your own fraud team in-house?

To find out, download “Build or Buy? The Hidden Challenges of an In-House Fraud Team” to discover the best strategy to reduce fraud and drive profits while providing the best possible customer experience. You’ll learn:

  • 46% of a merchant’s fraud budget is allocated to manual review staff and, on average, merchants manually review more than one in four orders
  • The pros and cons of creating an internal team vs. an outsourced team
  • What it takes to minimize fraud loss while maximizing converted sales
  • The case management and fraud investigation tools you need to accurately process orders

Download the white paper to get the insights you need to implement the right fraud management solution for your retail business so you can improve your payment process, thwart fraudsters, and boost your bottom line.