White Paper

Can Your Energy Management System Turn Big Data Into Intelligence?

Source: Siemens Industry, Inc. Building Technologies Division Retail & Commercial Systems
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Use analytical techniques to reduce energy spend, efficiently manage budgets, and enhance Enterprise value.

In the course of monitoring and controlling a medium-sized building (30,000 square feet), an efficient Energy Management System (EMS) will gather around 40,000 time-stamped data points each day. For an Enterprise of 1,000 retail locations, this yields over 10 billion data points per year.

With this incredible amount of data, it is easy to imagine a giant tidal wave of data looming over the Enterprise, threatening to engulf it in endless trivia. So how do retailers use this data once the initial EMS deployment is successful?

To help retailers turn EMS data into intelligence, this paper provides a framework of techniques to turn the ‘big data’ flood of tens of millions of telemetry points per day into a few dozen intelligent observations whose patterns can be analyzed and absorbed into true insight.

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