Cash Drawer Caddy™ SP Organizer

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The Caddy™ SP Organizer is a slim profile POS integration tray that brings easy cable routing and organization to APG heavy duty cash drawers.

Several different printer tray sizes can extend the work surface with secure locking tabs in just seconds. Cables and the printer power supply fit easily into the cable routing cavity. The Caddy™ SP Organizer is sturdy enough that it can be lifted off the drawer even when it is fully populated.


  • Slim profile integration, just 0.5 inches tall
  • Allows for left or right hand printer tray attachment to extend the work surface
  • Provides shelf inside cable storage area for storage of the printer power supply
  • Secures to the cash drawer without fasteners, no holes or push pins required
  • Integration organizer fits neatly on a standard sized Series 100 1616 or Series 4000 1816 cash drawer


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