Newsletter | April 21, 2020

04.21.20 -- Cash Transactions In The Mobile World

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How The October 2020 Outdoor EMV Deadline Impacts You

The COVID-19 pandemic has been front-and-center in the global news cycle for the past few months, and the impact continues to permeate our daily lives. But we’ve recently seen a specific piece of industry news that will have profound implications for all fuel and C-store retailers: The Outdoor EMV deadline.

COVID-19 Crisis: Key Points From RSPA Communication Guidelines Webinar

To help retail IT VARs and ISVs effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the RSPA has produced several pieces of channel-focused content including a webinar on communication guidelines with employees and customers during this crisis. The 57-minute session featured insights from RSPA legal counsel Bob Goldberg and RSPA Board Chairperson Chelsey Paulson, who works full-time as the human resources director at VAR North Country Business Products.

Cash Transactions In The Mobile World

For two decades, the PC has reigned supreme over all POS solutions, operating as point of sale terminals that sit on counters and control various peripherals. However, the need for PC-centric solutions is waning as a more flexible POS model emerges, Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, this model supports thin client and IP-enabled components such as cash drawers and printers.

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