Article | May 2, 2017

Clocking Systems – 6 Shocking Reasons Why You Need To Get One Immediately

Source: Hubworks
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Biometric clocking systems are among the various tools companies are using to curb time theft, tackle absenteeism, and maximize productivity as a whole. These kinds of clocking systems use unique characteristics, such as the iris, fingerprints, and shape of hand to record attendance. It therefore completely eradicates most types of time theft, such as buddy punching where employees clock in/clock out for fellow employees.

Time theft occurs when employees accept compensation for time they haven’t worked for. This kind of theft comes in many forms, from buddy punching, fudging timesheets, and using work hours for play time and so on. In short, an employee is considered to be stealing time whenever he or she is on the clock or clocked in but not on the job.

Time theft not only comes in many forms, it also comes in many levels of severity that can be hard to detect without a dependable time and attendance system.