Newsletter | September 15, 2020

09.15.20 -- Coin Shortage Pinches Convenience, Grocery, And Retail Merchants

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Coin Shortage Pinches Convenience, Grocery, And Retail Merchants

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of temporary shortages, including toilet paper, disinfectants and even meat. But one shortage most people likely haven’t noticed is affecting retail segments like convenience stores, gas stations and dollar stores. The U.S. coin supply is dwindling.

Digitalization: Retail’s Secret To Overcoming The Long Shadow Of COVID-19

While retailers embrace a new normal, the industry is swiftly undergoing a fundamentally digital shift that demands a unique perspective on the supply chain, customer experience, operating model, and the role of digital transformation.

10 Ways To Fuel Data Monetization In Retail And The Supply Chain

Data is the engine that powers today's economy. With vast amounts of information accessible at a single click, organizations can draw powerful insights and create transformative experiences for individuals, customers, and businesses.

COVID-19 Crisis: Key Points from RSPA Communication Guidelines Webinar

To help retail IT VARs and ISVs effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the RSPA has produced several pieces of channel-focused content including a webinar on Communication Guidelines with Employees and Customers during this crisis.

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