Newsletter | August 18, 2020

08.18.20 -- COVID-19 Pushes Retail To The Edge

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What To Expect In The Retail Supply Chain’s Next Normal

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the unpredictable. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, the retail industry is reeling from furloughs, store closures, stay-at-home orders, and plummeting consumer confidence.

Employee Theft Costs U.K. Convenience Stores £20 Million

Everyone knows theft is a big problem in retail. Not only do shop owners have to guard against shoplifters and scammers, but the sad reality is retailers also must constantly deal with employee theft.

Winning Recruiting Strategies For 2020 — And Beyond

Remember the #1 employee recruiting tool 10 years ago? Newspapers. Today print classified ads are about as effective as inserting a floppy disk into an iPad. So, what is working in 2020? Successful VARs and ISVs are implementing these five recruiting strategies. 

COVID-19 Pushes Retail To The Edge

The reopening of nonessential businesses saw a national surge in retail spending, and the outlook for the economy started to look less bleak. Many stores implemented COVID-19 safety precautions including required face masks and a six-feet social distancing order. These new rules could be the new normal in retail for the foreseeable future, and that would change the retail landscape as we know it.

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