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Creating The Right Retail Strategy For Successful eCommerce In The Age Of Amazon

Source: Radial
Walmart & Sam's Club eCommerce Site Upgrades

It’s a jungle out there and retailers are in a fight for survival of the fittest—just ask some of the casualties. This isn’t fear mongering. It is a retail reality being driven by table stakes set by the likes of Amazon.

And one thing that might not be readily apparent is that significant changes to Amazon’s flywheel are impacting retailers and customers in very real, often severe ways behind the scenes. The outcome: retailers’ bottom lines are suffering, and a best-in-class customer experience once founded on trust is now compromised at the hands of Amazon.

Download Radial’s Field Guide to learn the five steps to eCommerce success in the “Age of Amazon”:

  1. Don’t succumb to Amazon’s siren song
  2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket
  3. Be laser-focused on the customer
  4. Find new ways to build your own brand
  5. Know what it takes to stay afloat