Newsletter | February 26, 2018

02.26.18 -- Crush The 5 Barriers Of Retail Growth

Turning A Next-Gen Store Into A Right-Now Store

The current media reporting on the state of retail stores paints a doom and gloom picture. Almost every day there are headlines of bankruptcy filings and store closures suggesting that the retail apocalypse is here. It's clear that the retail industry is going through a transformational period that has many scaling back physical operations, but despite the news, people still want to — and still do — shop in stores.

Ways To Enable A Successful CX

Unlikely or unforeseen competitors continue to disrupt industries at an exponential pace. The innovation disruptors bring requires a key strategy: Put the customer at the center of your business and deliver great experiences to them. Understand how having the right technology foundation in place enables consistent, timely, relevant, and personalized experiences.

How To Crush The 5 Barriers Of Growth

Starting a business can be hard. Growing your business can be even harder. Whether it's poor customer data, manual and broken processes, minimal operations visibility to make decisions, building a winning team, or keeping up with changing regulations, there is always something getting in the way of growth. These barriers hurt sales, cost money, and create risk.

Strategies For Maximizing Mobile POS

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) goes beyond mobile check out. Learn the top five innovative ways to utilize your mobile POS technology to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and elevate your brand.