Datasheet | March 28, 2013

Datasheet: SATO Take-A-Number Systems

Source: SATO America
SATO Take-A-Number Systems

It is not always possible to service all of your customers as quickly as you would like. A Turn-O-Matic system allows your customers to wait in relaxed comfort without having to worry about missing their turn. You can give your customers more personalized service with a Turn-O-Matic system and provide a hassle free environment for your employees too. Turn-O-Matic systems are being used in practically all countries for use in a wide range of commercial and institutional enterprises.

Turn-O-Matic Systems have been installed in supermarkets, retail stores, specialty shops, post offices, tourist information centers, travel bureaus, banks, hair care salons, insurance companies, trade fairs, ticket sales offices, embassies, restaurants, driving schools, and utility companies. Turn-O-Matic’s economical cost, flexibility, and ease of use make it the system of choice for improving customer service quality.

Turn-O-Matic Indicator Features:

  • 150° wide viewing angle, horizontally and vertically
  • Beeper and blinking digits announce number change
  • Matched brightness LEDs for even display enhances readability
  • Simple 2-wire data linking of indicators for multiple display applications
  • Safe, low-voltage (12VAC) power supply
  • “Now Serving” decals in 12 languages

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