Newsletter | December 3, 2019

12.03.19 -- Don't Let Black Friday Cyberattacks Darken The Holiday Shopping Spirit

Retail IT Insights
Physical Retail Isn’t Dead, But It’s Changing
Article | By Nigel Ball, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Appearances are often misleading, and that has certainly been the case with the retail industry. Despite predictions of its demise, retail is here to stay. However, it is undergoing a profound transformation to meet shopper demand for a “frictionless, tech-driven, and immersive” in-store experience, according to the RIS “Retail 2025 Shopper Study.”

Mastering Synchronized Retailing With Advanced OMS
White Paper | Radial

From the moment the buy button is clicked through delivery to the shopper, everything that happens behind the scenes is orchestrated by the order management system (OMS). That’s why 45 percent of retailers report they plan to upgrade or implement a totally new OMS in the next two years. A new study conducted by RIS News uncovers the state of order management in today’s complex retail environments and other key findings.

Employee Assets: How Technology Can Create A Happier, More Engaged Workforce To Boost Your Sales
Guest Column | By Mike Callender, REPL Group
It’s often said that—in the digital age—companies focus too much on technologies and not enough on their people. But what if they used technologies for their people, to enrich their professional lives and create a happier workforce?
Don’t Let Black Friday Cyberattacks Darken The Holiday Shopping Spirit
Guest Column | By Callie Guenther, CRITICALSTART

Even as holiday-shopping season kicks into high gear, holiday cheer isn’t the only thing spreading far and wide. The holiday shopping season represents a range of cybersecurity risks to retailers and their stakeholders. Accordingly, there are essentially three levels of targeting retailers should be aware of.