Newsletter | October 1, 2019

10.01.19 -- Everything You Need To Know To Achieve Digital Commerce Success

Retail IT Insights
Can Online Advertisers Fight Click Fraud With Blockchain?
Guest Column | By Monica Eaton-Cardone, Chargebacks911

Click fraud involves a third party deliberately clicking an advertising link, such as a banner ad, while having no intention of purchasing the item advertised. It’s a serious problem for digital advertisers.

The Future Of Retail Markets: Augmented Reality
Guest Column | By Anastasia Stefanuk, Mobilunity

The technology-based online retail market is growing very fast worldwide. Augmented Reality is playing a vital role in the present, and it is going to leave an unprecedented impact on the future of the retail markets.

Everything You Need To Know To Achieve Digital Commerce Success
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Succeeding in today’s ever-changing digital commerce world requires mastering a complex mix of people, process, and technology innovations that must all work seamlessly together. Organizations face myriad of choices — from developing the right strategy to building a high-performing team and laying a solid foundation of the right technologies.

In Case You Missed It
A Strategic Guide For Digital Gift Card Profitability
White Paper | Radial

While physical gift cards comprise the majority of sales, digital gift cards are growing at a rate of 200 percent compared to 5 to 6 percent growth for their physical counterpart. While this seems like good news, there are a number of stark realities associated with gift cards, particularly digital gift cards.


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