Article | January 24, 2018

Evolving Beyond Batch-And-Blast With Increased Personalization

Source: Oracle + Bronto

By Susan Wall, Oracle + Bronto

Email Blast Personalization

Online sneaker retailer Greats demonstrates why flexibility and speed are critical for today’s email marketers

The holiday season may be over, but consumers still have their wish list when it comes to email – and personalization is near the top. When you think about the barrage of promotional emails that arrived in your inbox over the last few months, it’s easy to see why. You have to quickly make choices about the messages and brands that deserve your attention. But personalization can help give you the edge over those marketers that still rely on ineffective batch-and-blast tactics.

Achieving success with email personalization is about more than just including your customers’ names in your subject lines, though. It often takes creativity, a willingness to experiment and the ability to pivot quickly based on the results of those experiments. But it doesn’t necessarily require a large team or unlimited resources. Chris Berry, retention marketing manager for Brooklyn-based sneaker company Greats, has seen impressive results with some effective tactics that can be used by marketing teams of all sizes.