Case Study

Foot Solutions Overcomes Store-Level Data Disparity, Improves Customer Service With POS Solution

Source: Celerant Technology Corporation
Foot Solutions

Foot Solutions is a leading international retailer of proper-fitting, comfortable, high-performance stylish shoes, custom and over the counter inserts and technology-driven health and wellness products serving consumers across the globe. With more than 150 stores in 13 countries, Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness franchise dedicated to foot care.

Due to the variety and volume of products sold at Foot Solutions, the matrix of items available for purchase reaches beyond the typical parameters of most footwear retailers. This, combined with the company’s franchise business model and customer relationship management program, results in very specific demands from its retail store systems. Thus, a significant number of Foot Solutions stores have migrated to RetailSTAR POS software from CAM Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology Corp. The retailer is currently engaged in an initiative to migrate more of its franchised stores to the platform.

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