Newsletter | April 3, 2018

04.03.18 -- GDPR & Retail: How To Secure & Manage Data

Featured Editorial
The Case For A Voice Strategy
Magazine Article | By Erin Harris, editor in chief

I'm willing to bet decent money you've come across articles to the effect of "Top X Technologies and Trends in 2018," and voice technology has ranked high on those lists. Some articles on voice and its impact on the retail industry deliver a terrifying and threatening sense of urgency, especially for CPGs. While retailers (and CPGs) need to have their finger on the pulse of voice technology, let's take a big, collective deep breath. There's only one way to compete in voice shopping, and that's to develop a solid strategy.

GDPR & Retail: How To Secure & Manage Data
A conversation with Dr. Alfred Rolington and Piers Clayden of The GDPR Advisory Board

The European Commission announced an agreement to finalize General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will take affect this May. Once GDPR takes effect it will harmonize previous and other data protection regulations throughout the EU. The Retail Solutions network spoke with Dr. Alfred Rolington, GDPR Advisory Board senior cyber security academic, and Piers Clayden, legal expert on the GDPR Advisory Board and founder of Clayden Law, about this regulation and what impact it will have on retail.

Retail IT Insights
In Retail, It's All About Change
Article | By Brother Mobile Solutions

Looking at the retail market and IT ecosystem supporting it, 2017 was a year of dramatic change as the trend toward online shopping gained even more momentum. What changes should we anticipate in 2018? If our customers are any indication, we believe online shopping will continue to grow, but retailers will try to create a more unified image and drive more cohesive messaging across all sales channels.

Is Your App Marketing Strategy Truly Mobile-First?
Guest Column | By Greg Zakowicz, Oracle + Bronto

Savvy retailers have long been preparing for a mobile-first world of e-commerce, and it's safe to say that brave new world is officially here. Now more than ever it's important retailers truly understand what a mobile-first strategy means and how it ties into the broader goal of delivering a targeted, personalized shopping experience.

Key Considerations For Selecting The Right Smart Print Engine
White Paper | By SATO America

The print engine is the heart of any print-and-apply labeling system, and selecting the right one for your application can mean the difference between a successful installation and one that causes costly downtime because of mechanical failures or print quality issues.

How To Achieve Retail Supply Chain Excellence — Building The Consumer Proposition
White Paper | By Radial

In todays' customer-centric world, retailers must put consumer needs at the heart of supply chain and fulfillment operations. Retailers need inventory management that is optimized for cross-chain product availability and fulfillment, and returns that provide a frictionless experience for the customer.

In Case You Missed It
Retail's Reckoning: The Great Fragmentation
Guest Column | By Michael Dart, A.T. Kearney

Americans are now living in the fragmented states of America, and the implications for retailers and brands are life-altering. Retailers will need to do even more to make themselves compelling and convenient to an increasingly diverse set of niches.

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