White Paper

GS1 DataBar™ 2010 Sunrise: An Explanation From A Retailer's Perspective

Source: Datalogic ADC, Inc.

A new type of bar code, GS1 DataBar™, has been approved for marking trade items in the retail supply chain. GS1, the global retail standards-setting organization formerly known as EAN International and Uniform Code Council, has set January 1, 2010 as the "sunrise" mandate for global adoption of this new bar code type.

As of 2010 all manufacturers, worldwide, will have the option of marking their packages with GS1 DataBar codes – as an alternative to the EAN/UPC bar codes used today. Retailers must be ready to scan these packages at the point-of-sale sale, on the shelf, in the stockroom, and elsewhere within their logistics systems.

This change is a critical step that enables future standards improvements for several important retail applications, such as coupons and marking of fresh foods.

For retailers there are two requirements for meeting the 2010 sunrise mandate:

  • All retail systems that scan trade item bar codes must be capable of scanning the new family of GS1 DataBar codes, which encode the same data (the Global Trade Item Number or GTIN) as encoded in EAN/UPC bar codes today.
  • And scanning systems must be capable of recognizing additional types of data possibly encoded in GS1 DataBar codes, such as weight, price, and expiration date, which are identified with GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs).