Guest Column | July 27, 2015

How Clienteling Improves the In-Store Experience

How Clienteling Improves the In-Store Experience

By Matt Rhodus, NetSuite

Today’s customers expect retailers to be able to provide them with a highly personalized omnichannel shopping experience based on who they are and their shopping and buying habits and history.

For many brick-and-mortar retailers, this expectation can be hard to meet due to a lack a single unified record of customer interactions across all touch points. Instead, most chains run multiple, disparate systems—one for physical point of sales (POS), one for ecommerce, one for order management, and one for customer relationship management. Fragmented customer data means store associates have little to no individual customer insight and so no means of delivering personalized service to shoppers. However, "clienteling,” a blending of the digital and physical worlds, is beginning to change all that.

Clienteling enriches the traditional brick-and-mortar in-store service with a combination of CRM and mobile technologies. A CRM solution that captures and consolidates customer interactions across all digital and physical touch points empowers store associates. They can use tablets or other devices to easily access an individual customer’s transactional history, the online profile the customer may have created on the store’s website, and any product ratings and reviews the customer may have submitted.

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