Article | February 21, 2017

How In-Aisle Checkout Creates Bigger Tickets

Source: Cayan
In-Aisle Retail Checkout

We’ve all been there: you go out shopping, you’re going through the motions and making progress, and suddenly analysis paralysis overwhelms you. Maybe you’re trapped in the dressing room, and you’ve picked out too many options. Maybe you’re standing in the aisle and looking at 20 different handbags and you don’t even know where to start. Or maybe you’ve picked an item you want, but your mind has now traveled back in time to philosophy class and suddenly thinking about the difference between want and need.

And sometimes you just give up and walk out.

Making that buying decision is a difficult one. That’s why so many people bring friends along to help them shop, and that’s why the past several years have seen so much growth in the “boutique” model, where associates are ready to guide you through each step. Today’s customers want help, and the statistics show exactly that. Oracle has found that 40% of shoppers say that a "savvy store associate can impact their final product selection more than a website." Another report found that "46% of shoppers will buy more from a retailer that personalizes their shopping experience."