Guest Column | December 13, 2011

How Cash Control Impacts Your Bottom Line

Tellermate Series 2 Tile

By Jim Stone, director of marketing, Tellermate Group

President Obama and Congress are struggling with the same challenge that businesses deal with every day: Do we focus on cutting costs or creating revenue? Can we do both? If so; how?

As you contemplate the allocation of your 2012 retail technology budget, you have the same questions to address. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on a super committee.

While increasing revenue is always a popular idea, it's not all that easy to at the execution level. That said, by sticking to a simple principal when choosing technology investments, you can ensure the investments you make will pay dividends on the sales floor. That simple fundamental? Look for and choose solutions that get your staff in front of customers — where sales are facilitated — instead of handling administrative or back office functions that can be automated.

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