Guest Column | May 24, 2016

How Retail Technology Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Retail Technology

By Paula Da Silva, Senior VP of Sales, CitiXsys

As evolving consumer preferences drive a new, customer-centric focus in retail, change is more than inevitable — it’s necessary for your business to survive. Whether you are working toward mastering omnichannel retailing, increasing fulfillment rates, or providing an optimal customer experience, retail technology could provide the means to reach your goals.  

Here are four elements of your business that retail technology can help you advance to put you in a more competitive, profitable position:

  • Omnichannel: Whether you are already engaged in eCommerce or are just starting, it’s important to understand that consumers have an expectation that their experiences with your business will be consistent across all channels. Your customers expect to be recognized, to encounter uniform pricing, to have inventory visibility, and the same level of service, regardless of how they choose to engage with you.  

The Solution: An eCommerce platform integrated with your business’s point of sale (POS) system provides the ability to build storefronts on different channels, but manage them from one place. This retail technology does not only benefit your eCommerce business; it can also enhance the in-store experience with characteristics of online shopping that customers crave, such as personalized service and offers based on their shopping history on all channels.