Newsletter | March 23, 2021

03.23.21 -- How Technology Can Aid The Future Of Retail

Technology And The Future Of Retail

As new technologies emerge, retail and eCommerce businesses have to make tough decisions about what to adopt. But selecting the right technologies can be difficult when there are so many needs in your organization. Inventory has to be managed effectively. Customer support has to be top-notch, and fraud protection has to be airtight.

Will Sustainability Be The New 'It' Feature?

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, there’s no denying that sustainability is high on the priority list of many customers. They live it in their personal lives, they encourage friends and family to participate in it, and they expect it from the brands they buy from. In fact, in some cases, customers even boycott unsustainable businesses after they leave for their “greener” competitors.

Benefits Of Using The Same Provider For Omnichannel, Fulfillment, And Customer Care Services

From order management and fulfillment to customer support, there’s a lot that goes into a successful omnichannel strategy. But managing it can be difficult when you’re using multiple solutions providers.

Leading Omnichannel Order Management Systems

Omnichannel order management systems (OMS) help retailers manage and fulfill complex customers' orders efficiently in an omnichannel environment to improve the customer experience. An omnichannel OMS provides unified visibility of enterprise inventory from warehouse, distribution center, store, and in-transit locations while performing complex order routing to enable efficient order fulfillment from the optimum location.

Inventory Everywhere! Secrets To Predicting Demand

One of the biggest drivers for abandoning loyalty during the shutdown was items being out of stock, and 40% of retail winners name “too many inventory transfers between selling locations” a top inventory management challenge.