Newsletter | July 16, 2019

07.16.19 -- How The Right Technology Stops eCommerce Fraud

Retail IT Insights
Futureproof Your Organization In The Age Of Digital Transformation
Guest Column | By Debbie Shotwell, Saba Software

As technology develops at a dizzying pace, the way we do business is changing. This affects everything from how we acquire customers, to what we offer the market, to our tools, processes, and our employees.

How The Right Technology Stops E-Commerce Fraud
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Emerging payments technology and the IoT will increase security risks. Given the already difficult job of providing secure and sensitive information merchants or retailers face, these new technologies will further complicate matters.

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5 Ways To Improve Customer Experience
Guest Column | By Fiona Honeyman, APG Cash Drawer

As consumers become more demanding, thanks to the conveniences of online shopping, savvy retailers are making strides to replicate — or even surpass — that experience at physical locations. Retailers that make customer-centric decisions — investing in stores, technology, fulfillment, and customer service teams — will stand to profit.

Are Digital Consumers Born Or Made?
Guest Column | By Stefan Merz, PPRO

‘Born digital’ refers to materials that originate in a digital form. It also applies to people and businesses, who have come of age without having known a time before the internet. This cannot but affect how consumers, retailers, banks, and payment providers interact and transact.

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