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05.28.19 -- How To Create The Next Generation Of E-Commerce

Retail IT Insights
The Race To Capitalize On E-Commerce Growth
Guest Column | By Chris Blickhan, DHL Supply Chain North America

To ensure you are able to continue to confidently grow your e-commerce sales and increase profitability, it is critical you and your business are able to tackle three important IT challenges.

How Poor Inventory Practices Alienate Customers And Cost Retailers Billions
White Paper | Radial

The changes in consumer behavior make store execution all the more important for brick-and-mortar retailers. Unfortunately, this is where many retailers drop the ball when it comes to being in-stock on the items consumers are coming into the stores to buy.

How To Create The Next Generation Of E-Commerce
Guest Column | By Roland Gossage, GroupBy Inc.

Retailers are always on the lookout for the next technological trend that will win over shoppers and increase profit margins. It therefore comes as no surprise that recently we’ve seen several advances in checkout and last-mile fulfillment processes. However, most of these advancements focus on the last stage of the customer journey: conversion. With their focus on conversion, retailers are overlooking a stage that is just as important — the consideration stage.

In Case You Missed It
The Promise Of AI In Retail Is Real
Guest Column | By Nikki Baird, Aptos

It’s not just big tech brands that are pushing the AI agenda; retailers of all shapes and sizes are experimenting with this advanced technology to streamline operations and delight customers. But how are they actually using it? And how could they be using it more effectively?

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