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10.08.19 -- How To Leverage CRM Data To Boost Traffic And In-Store Revenue

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5 Guidelines To Ensure Better Survey Responses
Guest Column | By Angela Myers, Market America | SHOP.COM

It is a mistake to ignore the power of surveys. They are crucial to developing new products and to harnessing collective buying power so retailers can deliver the best deals to customers. 

How Poor Inventory Practices Alienate Customers And Cost Retailers Billions
White Paper | Radial

The changes in consumer behavior make store execution all the more important for brick-and-mortar retailers. Unfortunately, this is where many retailers drop the ball when it comes to being in-stock on the items consumers are coming into the stores to buy.

How To Leverage CRM Data To Boost Traffic And In-Store Revenue
  Guest Column | By David le Douarin, Advalo

The rise of marketing overpressure practices has proved destructive for both profit margin and brand image and negatively affect the relationship of trust between retailers and customers. It thus has given rise to some consumer dislike for emails and inevitably has led to email click-and-open through rates and customer contact ability to plummet.

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