Newsletter | November 12, 2019

11.12.19 -- How To Master Synchronized Retailing With Advanced OMS

Retail IT Insights
GIS In Retail: The New Business Intelligence To Drive Your Sales
Guest Column | By Aspectum

Today, we are at a point where virtually everything can be bought and brought to your doorstep pretty quick. It’s a pinnacle of availability; however, not all the fronts are covered in terms of process efficiency and analytics.

New Research: Small Brands Scale And Disrupt Using Two Key Strategies
Guest Column | By Angela Fernandez, GS1 US

A line of organic body lotion. A personalized baby onesie. A hand-knit hat. Any of these items seen online or in a store could be the brainchild of a motivated small business owner, fulfilling a life-long dream of bringing their own products to the masses.

How To Master Synchronized Retailing With Advanced OMS
  White Paper | Radial

There are many reasons why an advanced OMS system should be at the very top of a retailer’s priority list when making plans for upgrading or replacing legacy systems, especially if smoothly operating omni-channel operations are holding back growth and financial performance.

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Retailers Identify Keys To Successful Retail Delivery
White Paper | Radial

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving. As a result, retail delivery professionals are adopting technologies and best practices that support a seamless, streamlined experience at every customer touchpoint in the supply chain.