Newsletter | February 18, 2020

02.18.20 -- How To Win Against Fraudsters With Technology And Service

Featured Editorial
RSPA Recommended Read: The Advantage
  Guest Column | By Jim Roddy, RSPA

Too many channel companies are scrambling from one installation to the next, failing to establish a company vision, craft a coherent strategy, and build the foundation of a viable business underneath. If that describes your organization, Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage will steer you in the right direction. 

Where Is Your Supply Chain Business In The Inventory Maturity Curve?
  Guest Column | By Tony Sinton, NETSTOCK

Better inventory management means freeing up not only working capital to grow your business, but also giving you more time to do what’s important.

How To Win Against Fraudsters With Technology And Service
  Guest Column | By Doug Seaberg, Nvoicepay

As companies recognize the inevitable fraud risk, they are looking at their vulnerabilities and realizing that it takes an army of humans and vendors equipped with an arsenal of technology to fight back.

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