Magazine Article | June 24, 2013

Improved Retail Cash-Office Processing Pays Dividends

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

July 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Bob Gibson, VP of branch operations, Cummins Allison

How retailers can leverage cash-office processing solutions to improve store operations.

In today’s business economy, retailers of every size, in industries ranging from grocery to department stores and more, are looking for ways to maximize efficiency and get the most from their investments. This includes streamlining the way cash-office processing tasks are handled. Given the current demands in retail, organizations have less time to dedicate to the handling of routine jobs, including cash-room management. Whether still engaged in a manual process, which is inconvenient, laborious, and time-consuming, or already automated because “time is money,” investing in a cash-office processing solution can help retailers across the board effectively squeeze minutes or hours from daily processes which, repeated over time, results in significant cost savings.