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Is There Grit In Amazon's Flywheel? Implications And What Retailers Need To Know To Survive

Source: Radial
Amazon's Flywheel

Amazon has achieved massive growth through a simple yet strategic business concept: the flywheel. However, the problem with a flywheel is that when one part breaks down, the overall system can fail rapidly. At least one of the core pieces of Amazon’s flywheel—the customer experience—is already under pressure. While this may have profound consequences for Amazon, there are larger implications for the rest of the eCommerce ecosystem.

  • What’s causing the experience component of the flywheel to fail
  • Implications for retailers that use Amazon as their eCommerce partner
  • How retailers can move away from Amazon and provide consumers with an exceptional post-purchase experience on their own
  • The 8 things retailers have to get right to meet the shopping expectations of today’s “anytime, anywhere” consumers

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