Article | March 12, 2018

Is Your App Marketing Strategy Truly Mobile-First?

Source: Oracle + Bronto

By Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle + Bronto

Loss Of App Users  From Poor Performance

Savvy retailers have long been preparing for a mobile-first world of ecommerce, and it’s safe to say that brave new world is officially here. In the US alone, more than 160 million adults have made at least one purchase using a mobile phone. And in a recent global survey of consumers conducted with Imperium and Precision Sample, we found that mobile buying and browsing is now the norm, especially among millennials and Gen Xers.

As these numbers continue to grow, it’s important that retailers truly understand what a mobile-first strategy means and how it ties into the broader goal of delivering a targeted, personalized shopping experience.

Apps Allow You to Control the Shopping Environment

One way retailers are taking control of their shoppers’ mobile experience is developing their own native apps. It gives you the power to streamline the shopping experience and deliver an optimized representation of your brand in a mobile setting, and shoppers are responding: Seventy-nine percent of the millennials and 73% of the Gen Xers we surveyed have at least one retail app on their phone.