Case Study

Island Pacific Merchandising And Planning Suite Case Study

Source: Island Pacific Systems Inc.

Investing in the right solution for an evolving and growing retail business can be the backbone and silent partner to the business' success. Alternatively selecting the wrong solution can prove to be a deadly assassin, stagnating growth and acting as the proverbial millstone around the business' neck.

The level of investment and potential disruption to the heart of the business means more and more retailers are realising the importance of doing their homework in identifying the business needs now and for the future and matching the solution which meets these needs closely. Get this right and you have a solid foundation, which with the right execution can ensure a safer route to the growth required to drive the business forward.

Mike Dotson, MD of Europe of Island Pacific, commented, "More and more retailers are coming to Island Pacific looking for a broad and deep retail solution which they know is going to meet their business needs. Many of these retail professionals have implemented other solutions and know precisely the key requirements that they need to drive their business forward. A shopping list of needs means that they can make informed decisions. We have found that key drivers for new systems investment are often to support anticipated growth plans both in the UK and internationally. However one of the key ‘soft' factors in selecting the solution is the partnership and support with the solutions provider. Having a partner that is reliable and able to grow with the business is an essential part of having the right software."