Guest Column | May 14, 2014

It's Time For Retailers To Embrace The True Potential of iBeacon

Bret Cunningham, President, BestFit Mobile

By Bret Cunningham, President, BestFit Mobile

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a major shift in consumer usage of mobile, forging exciting opportunities for shoppers and retailers alike. Bluetooth™ Smart, iBeacon capable (Low Energy Bluetooth or BLE) solutions, in particular, have made waves in industry journals ever since the announcement of iOS 7 in September 2013. Though historically slow to the tech adoption table, consumer demand is driving retailers to set aside their fears and fully accept the technology solutions that are already beginning to transform this industry.

This past January, Forbes proclaimed iBeacon “the future of mobile shopping.” Just last month, an ABI study revealed beacon technology could break 30,000 indoor location installments across eleven major retail verticals by the end of the year. Have no doubts – the Internet of Things is upon us. And if 2014 is the year of the beacon pilot, 2015 will most certainly be the year of the roll out.

Despite this clear momentum, I continue to hear many of the same concerns and fears from retailers, all of which are valid – and easily dispelled.

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