Case Study

Kelly-Moore Paints Gains Efficiencies With Integration

Source: Dell Inc.
Kelly-Moore Paints

One sales team – multiple data points

Kelly-Moore, one of the most recognized names and largest privately-held companies in the paint industry, needed to give their sales organization one view of all customer records, and it needed to happen quickly. They had recently selected Salesforce as their CRM solution due to its flexibility and ability to grow along with their needs and business requirements. Kelly-Moore needed to quickly and capably integrate information from ERP and POS systems into their new CRM system before launching the latter to their sales organization.

Complicating the issue was the fact that Kelly-Moore’s previous integration experiences had been costly, in more ways than one: the integrations were built using database procedures and custom scripts, work that was largely outsourced to third-party vendors who didn’t always use repeatable processes. “Moving away from static processes and custom code was a positive step forward from a technology standpoint,” says Julius Mercado, Retail Applications Analyst at Kelly-Moore Paints. “Salesforce is extremely flexible. Now we needed an integration solution of equal flexibility to bring everything together, and we hoped it would lower the costs of doing business while improving our efficiencies.”

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