Guest Column | January 6, 2017

4 Key Video Trends For 2017

Net Payne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, March Networks

By Net Payne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, March Networks

The rate of change in the retail industry is astonishing, as organizations strive to keep pace with omni-channel selling, personalization, and demand for an enhanced in-store customer experience. Retail technologies are evolving at a similarly rapid pace, making it possible to do more than ever with the masses of business and customer data being collected every day.

There’s no doubt that retailers will increasingly turn to video technology to help support their strategic goals in 2017. Whether used as an auditing tool to see what’s happening in one or multiple locations, or as integrated analytics that can deliver valuable business intelligence, video is a unique source of data with uses that extend far beyond physical security.

With that in mind, here are four key video trends that many retailers will be focusing on this year as they take advantage of new video applications and/or expand access to video to new groups, such as operations and risk assessment, within their organization.