News | November 18, 2021

Klevu Launches Real-Time Search Analytics, Boosting Sales And Customer Experience Ahead Of Holiday Season


Ahead of what is predicted to be the biggest holiday season on record for ecommerce retailers, Klevu, the leading provider of artificial intelligence-powered search technology for retail e-commerce sites, has launched enhanced analytics tools designed to give ecommerce retailers a competitive advantage. The Klevu Merchant Center now features enhanced analytics tools, including Live View, Word Graph, and Filter Analytics. These three new tools allow retailers to optimize their marketing campaigns with actionable, real-time data based upon shopper behavior, ultimately boosting conversion and customer experience.

● Live View gives up to the minute information on searches and their origins—from a global heat map identifying where searches are originating to a ticker tape of live searches--showing retailers the number of searches and product clicks in the last minute. This granular level of information ultimately helps ecommerce retailers drive more revenue by fine tuning and geotargeting their marketing messaging. In addition, Live View displays long-tail searches, offering greater search analytics specificity.

● Word Graph, another Klevu analytics tool, helps retailers make connections between keywords that may otherwise go unnoticed. Using this tool, retailers can build out high-conversion product copy, find elusive longtail keywords for paid marketing, and discover products for cross-selling.

● Filter Analysis enables consumers to find what they are looking for more quickly with fewer clicks. Retailers can use this tool to identify highly-clicked filters on product listing pages and then make those products appear more prominently in search results.

Nilay Oza, CEO and Co-Founder of Klevu, said, “Giving retailers real-time actionable data and rich insights into their customers’ on-site behavior leads to a more personalized customer journey, and, ultimately, higher conversion rates. Klevu allows brands to customize the entire search and discovery experience to drive sales and relevancy, while also gaining strategic data insights that can inform everything from merchandising and marketing to product development decisions.”

The Klevu Merchant Center offers ecommerce retailers actionable insights from site-wide search, navigation, purchases, and even the customer’s current session. These easy-to-use tools create a more enhanced customer experience. Research has shown that presenting hyper-relevant products to consumers has been shown to improve conversion rates by more than 25%. While average online conversion rates range from just 1%–3%, shoppers are three to five times more likely to convert when they can find in-stock and relevant products quickly.

Klevu’s marriage of natural language processing, machine learning, and search analytics accessible through the Klevu Merchant Center allows retailers to maximize their traffic and to reduce the number of poor customer experiences due to “no results” or out of stock or irrelevant product recommendations. It gives control to the retailer to optimize their product discovery without requiring manual manpower.

In its quest to democratize Artificial Intelligence for ecommerce sites of any size, Klevu’s easy-to-use admin interface automates tasks that used to be both time and labor intensive. The Klevu Merchant Center acts as a campaign analytics console, giving up to the minute information. Klevu analytics provides valuable in-depth search data to help retailers apply shopper intent insights to their wider strategies, while also allowing them to customize campaigns, product listing pages, search terms, pricing, and more.


Klevu captures e-commerce shoppers’ intent and then leverages AI to provide highly relevant, personalized online search and discovery experiences that go well beyond keywords typed into the search box. The company’s technology provides a seamless, fast search online experience that drives traffic, conversion and loyalty, while reducing bounce rates. The end-to-end discovery and search solution is easy to configure, optimize and maintain and fully integrates with major shopping platforms’ technology in just hours. Klevu’s proprietary technology is driving traffic, conversion and loyalty for more than 3,000 leading global brands, including Puma, Yamaha, Callaway, Toys “R” Us, and Jack Daniel’s.

Founded in Finland in 2013, Klevu has offices in the UK, the US, India, Australia, Finland and Sweden. For more information, please visit

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