Guest Column | March 2, 2010

Librarians At The Gate - Customer Experience Versus Merchandising Metrics


By Inez Blackburn, Retail Expert/Marketing Consultant

Did you know that merchandising methods trace their roots to the industrial revolution where products were merchandised to maximize manufacturing capability? Does the old adage pile it high and watch it fly really work in our current economy. Are we merchandising what we want to sell or what consumers really want to buy? Do we merchandise to maximize metrics or to solve our customer’s problems. What is the paradox of choice and why do we believe that less is more in the new world merchandising order.

The luxury of ignorance has expired and we must dedicate ourselves to creating a positive experience at every point of contact with our customers. Excellence in merchandising is no longer dictated by how much shelf space you allocate or how deep your process discount or frequently you promote your products. Excellence in merchandising is measured by the impact you have on your customer’s experience.