Newsletter | February 26, 2019

02.26.19 -- Millennial-Driven Changes To Retail Technology

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Why Your Organization Should Focus On The “Art” And “Science” Of Complying With GDPR Consent
Guest Column | By Eric V. Holtzclaw, PossibleNOW

Not surprisingly, associations are responding analogously to growing regulatory concerns such as ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA. To address the new regulations rapidly and efficiently, enterprises stick to the “science” side of consent collection while disregarding the “art” of consent collection.

How Retailers Can Leverage Technology To Create A Top-Tier Shopping Experience
Article | By Nick Tabet and Darrell Owen, Datalogic

Retailers of any size can now use image and vision technology to improve the shopping experience and profitability. This first article in a five-part series covers automation of the retail supply chain, including improving bar code accuracy and reliability, shipping efficiency, and ensuring label compliance.

Integrated Planning: Getting It Right – A Boston Retail Partners Report
White Paper | Retalon

For retailers, it is imperative to take a customer-centric viewpoint on the business. Current disparate systems, processes, and organization must be transformed into one cohesive environment with the ability to offer customers a seamless shopping environment across all channels and the capability to deliver merchandise immediately — wherever it is needed. It is time to prepare for the future of retail: It is here, whether we are ready or not.

Millennial-Driven Changes To Retail Technology
Article | By Joshua Stanphill, Epson America, Inc.

Millennials are emerging as a retail juggernaut and present a huge opportunity for merchants — one that won't be limited to just e-commerce sites they can buy from on their omnipresent smartphones. But that's only if retailers can meet millennials' rising expectations when it comes to corporate values, experience, and the seamless integration of their in-person and online shopping.

In Case You Missed It
3 Ways Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Will Shape Retail
Guest Column | By Jared McClure, CrayPay

As blockchain becomes more accessible, processors and payment facilitators will accelerate the development, making it more readily available to merchants. In other words, 2019 is the year when the hypothetical use of blockchain and cryptocurrency coalesce into reality for merchants and their customers.

  RVCF Spring Conference

RVCF, the driving force in retailer/supplier collaboration, will feature sessions dedicated to improving the flow of goods in the retail procurement cycle. The Spring Conference, scheduled for May 5 to 8 in Teaneck, NJ, is rich with informative sessions focused on improvement of the order fulfillment process like reducing disconnects or shipment errors resulting in chargebacks. This event will feature a full day dedicated to a “Design Thinking” exercise to encourage participants to “think outside of the box” when it comes to e-commerce returns. Also, included is a workshop on building an e-commerce performance scorecard using Tableau software.

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