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05.10.2012 -- Mobile Devices: Who's On Your Side? - ISR Monthly

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May 2012 ISR Digital Edition
If you source technology solutions through a VAR or systems integrator, perhaps you've experienced the following. You want to deploy POS solutions and other mobile apps on consumer-grade iPad/Android devices. Your reseller/integrator will have none of it, pointing out that consumer-grade devices lack the ruggedness necessary for commercial use in retail.

We've all heard the side-by-side comparison that so many traditionalists hang their hat on. Yes, the iPad is sleek and sexy and magical, but it's made of thin aluminum and lots of glass, so you can't drop it from a 4-foot display or spill a steaming latte on it and expect it to work. This argument, posited by so many rugged handheld manufactures and their resellers, still has merit. But there's an underlying and equally important issue faced by the reseller/integrator, and as they vigorously deflect your inquisition into Androids and iPads, it's playing out in the back of their minds.

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