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06.14.2012 -- Mobile Payments: Regulate Or Run Rampant? - ISR Monthly

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June 2012 ISR Digital Edition
June 2012 Integrated Solutions For Retailers It's been a long time since the payment landscape was simple. PCI rules, PIN debit, payment mediums like NFC (near-field communication), and the integration of consumer and loyalty programs are among the dynamic forces that propelled us well past the days of cash, check, or credit. Today, payment complexity is poised to grow exponentially thanks to the introduction of payment application layers.

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May's 5 Most Viewed Features

Stein Mart's Supply Chain Overhaul Saves Millions
When Stein Mart decided it needed to overhaul its supply chain from top to bottom, it was no small task. The company did nearly $1.2 B in sales last year and operates over 260 stores.

Metro Cash & Carry Sees 3% To 7% In Labor Savings
Metro Cash & Carry, a division of Metro Group, the world’s fourth largest retailer, has cut its labour costs by 3% to 7% and cut customer queues by 50% following a pilot using web-based Workforce Management software from WorkPlace Systems, a world leader in the development and supply of software solutions for Workforce Management.

Revolutionizing Retail With Tablets, Mobilizing Retail Environments With Tablets PCs, Which One Is Right For You?
Widespread adoption of mobile computing throughout the supply chain is beginning to take shape — with the right technology a retailer can streamline their transactions, shorten or even eliminate customer wait times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. So, it’s no surprise that today’s retailers are looking more and more at their mobile computing options to support both profitability and corporate goals.

How Retailers Can Sell Faster, Smarter, Better
Sanjay J. Poonen, president and corporate officer for SAP talks to Erin Harris about the article he wrote, Retailers: Sell Like Never Before. In his article, Poonen instructs retailers how to sell faster, smarter, and better. In addition, Poonen explains how mobility can aid retailers beyond cross-selling and upselling.

Fontana Sports’ Cross-Channel Platform Drives Inventory Efficiency
This year marks 63 years in business for family-owned Fontana Sports, and in that time it has grown from a small army-navy surplus store to a two-site, 50-employee cross-channel retailer.

May's Most Viewed Featured Product
Dell Retail Solutions Dell Retail Solutions
The Dell™ OptiPlex™ XE systems provide you with the foundation for a comprehensive point-of-service (POS) solution. With a long life cycle and easy manageability, Dell OptiPlex XE systems:
  • Fit in a variety of store environments: under the counter, vertically or horizontally;
  • Are designed to operate at ambient temperature of up to 113ºF (45ºC);
  • Integrate easily with legacy and new peripherals with powered USB connections;
  • Provide an optional external power button for easy access in kiosks and other enclosed-space uses.
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