Article | October 31, 2017

Mobility Is The Future Of Payments—Are You Ready?

Source: Cayan

Field Service Mobile

It’s been a decade now since the release of the first iPhone, perhaps the tipping point in the smartphone boom. Smartphones took mobility in technology to a new level, allowing people to carry with them a suite of different abilities at once.

In the time since then, mobility has had a profound influence on a variety of industries, and payments is the latest that is undergoing a revolution. As mobile payment acceptance technology becomes more efficient and affordable, it’s become clear that mobile is the future of payments.

And for ISVs who want to offer merchants an omnichannel experience, it’s now crucial to have a mobile payment acceptance option in your portfolio of solutions.

The Coming Changes

It hasn’t yet fully arrived on American shores, but you can see hints of mobile payments all over. In Europe, pay at the table in restaurants is a fully formed technology, and a vast number of European restaurants will bring the “register” to your table and let you swipe your card there.